USB Type-C Car Charger (USB Type-C)
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USB Type-C Car Charger
Power Delivery for USB Type-C of 3 Amps at 5 Volts to reach a maximum of 15 watts
Permits USB PD of 5Amps at 20Volts to reach a maximum of 100Watts for Charging mobile devices,
 e.g. NB computer, tablet, handphone
QFN16/SOP16 Package for Car Charging Application

IC: EJ898N/P
The EJ898N is a USB Power Delivery (PD) controller which is compliant with USB Power Delivery Specification Revision 2.0. The PD controller could negotiate voltage, current and direction with PD link partner to transfer up to 100W of power over PD connector and cable. It can be configured by serial EEPROM or Embedded OTP. The EJ898N integrates 3.3V to 1.8V LDO to reduce component count and PCB space.

USB Power Delivery Specification
 ・Support PD provider mode
 ・Support all PD profile 0~5
 ・Support baseband BMC coding for USB Type-C spec
 ・Support connection detection on Configuration Channel
 ・Support Vconn power switch control
 ・Pull-up/down resistor (Rp/Rd) integrated
 ・Vconn power switch integrated
Power saving
 ・EJ898N could enter suspend mode to sync with system power state
 ・EJ898N could keep charging plug-in device while system is in suspend mode