Adaptive Driving Support
Gesture Control

Driver's State Detection for Adaptive Driving Support

Gesture Control :
The next generational of Human Machine Interface, Gesture Control.  With our eSP870/eSP87x, we have the technology to detect object’s depth value by using passive lighting source technology.  By able to detecting object movement, we can send meaningful information to host, allow host to recognize user movement from face and hand gesture recognition.

IC: eSP870/eSP87x
eSP870 chipset is an innovative USB3.0 3D Depth-map controller which enables gesture /skeleton control by stereoscopic cameras including an integrated depth map engine. It delivers high performance depth-map, 3D video and 2D video for various applications. The depth information is delivered to the host processor for further processing. The eSP870 enables 3D sense capabilities for digital devices and empowers the cutting edge natural user interface in many different platforms.
Target Application Depth Cam
Output Interface USB2.0/3.0
MIPI 2L x 2ch
UVC Compliance Yes
Sensor I/F Parallel x 2ch
MIPI 2L x 2ch
Max. Sensor Resolution 5MP x 1 or
16MP x 1[1]
ISP Performance HD@60fps
JPEG Compression FHD@30fps [2]
I2S Audio Interface Yes
Auto Focus Statistics Yes
SPI Flash I/F Yes
Depth Engine VGA@30fps
Package BGA144
Size 9x9 mm