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Long-term product support is a key consideration for automotive and industrial applications, Etron’s Automotive and Industrial DRAMs provide benefits of continuity of supply, long-term reliability, wide temperature range operation, low power and small form factors.

・Continuity of Supply
・Long-Term Reliability
・Wide Temperature Range Operation
・Low Power and Small Form Factor

Product Selection for Auto and Ind DRAMs
  Automotive Industrial
Application Car Electronics Industrial, Medical / Outdoor
TA Temperature -40°~85°C, -40°~105°C -40°~85°C
Reliability Standard & Spec JEDEC
Spec Customization

Track Record in Automotive
Etron’s automotive DRAMs are in mass production and have been shipping to the car electronics segment since 2008. Etron has solid track record of sales to China, Taiwan & Japan and are now selling to European and American car brands. Major car applications for Etron’s automotive DRAMs include: CD, DVD, HDD, Navigation, Audio Display, Camera Systems, etc. Etron’s automotive DRAMs have a wide range of densities from 16Mb SDRAM to 512Mb DDR-II. In addition, Etron quality systems provide a solid foundation for demanding car applications, honed in industries such as: Hard Disc Drives and Carrier Base Stations, Enterprise servers, with Etron’s 64Mb, 128Mb, 256Mb SDR, DDR, and 256Mb / 512Mb DDR-II products.

Auto-certified Total Quality Management System
・Intel SSQA-Lite Supplier Certified
・ISO-9001/14001, EICC, TS16949 Certificated
・PPAP, AEC-Q100 Compliance

To ensure high quality and reliability in harsh environments, Etron’s automotive DRAMS are PPAP, AEC-Q100 Compliant. Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) summarized package can be prepared for targeted products upon automotive customer request. Moreover, AEC-Q100 specification is defined by the AEC as a "stress test qualification for integrated circuits." The intent of the AEC-Q100 is to establish standards to ensure reliable, high-quality products.

Intel's suppliers are recognized for superior quality levels, Etron has won the Intel SSQA-Lite Supplier Certified and has built the SCSQA-Lite Assessment as well. Besides, Etron’s QMS is ISO / TS-16949 certified since Sep. 2009, to meet the most stringent automotive industry expectation and fulfill customer-specific Quality requirements. In addition, Etron’s automotive OSATs possessed ISO / TS-16949 certified as well to provide Fabless customer with Quality service throughout entire supply chains.

Supply Mechanism for Making Long-term Business
Etron has maintained the flexibility, agility and product focus of a fabless IC company by establishing strong partnerships with leading foundries and companies with complementary skills from different specialty segments. With the benefit of worry-free supply Etron has secured long-term business with our car electronics partners.